Income Tax registration is crucial to file income tax returns online. It provides the following benefits:

  • You can buy a high life insurance cover.
  • No obstruction in applying for a visa.
  • Very easy to apply for a loan, claim a refund.

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Income Tax Registration Process

If you have taxation filing knowledge, you can file income tax of your own. However, you will need guidance for Income Tax Registration Online Process In Mumbai. Read on to know how you can register yourself to file income tax.

1. Go to the Income Tax E-filing Website

You have to visit the Income Tax e-filing website first. It is under the supervision of the Income Tax Department. Click on the button “Register yourself” on the right-hand side of the homepage.

2. Choose the User Type

After clicking on the “Register Yourself” button, a registration form will be visible on your screen. There will be an option in the form that will ask you to choose a particular user type. Choose the particular type of user you are. The user type can be a company, an individual, or a partnership firm.

3. Fill up the Basic Details

Now, the taxpayer has to fulfill all the required basic information. This section is mandatory.

Basic details such as:

  • Pan card(Id proof of the user for filing of income tax return online)
  • Name of individual or company.
    • In the case of a company, only the full name is required.
    • In the case of an individual, surname, middle name, and first name are required in three sections.
  • Date of birth in case of individual or date of incorporation in case of any entity.
  • Email id of individual or company.
  • The mobile phone of the individual. Not applicable for non-residents.
4. Email Verification

For all individuals other than non-resident, a six-digit OTP number will be sent to either your mobile number or email. But non-residents have no choice other than a registered email address. Then you have to write the OTP correctly. It will be the verification process.

But make sure to complete the registration process within 24 hours of receipt of OTP. Otherwise, you will have to start the registration process from the beginning.

5. Further Detail Submission

Submit the following online:

  • Contact details
  • Current address
  • A password to login online e-filing site repeatedly.

Other than these, complete captcha and activate notifications.

6. Activation

Click the activation link visible in your email id. With this, the income tax registration process is complete. You are all ready to file income tax returns online.

Filing income tax in the right manner is essential. However, it requires knowledge, and people from every stream cannot do that.

If you are also struggling to file income tax or in the registration process, MyTaxAdvisor will be happy to assist you with it.

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