An individual certified by the state or central government for providing services related to Goods and Service Tax to the eligible taxpayer is referred to as GST Consultant. The person becomes a GST Consultant after registering himself on the GSTN portal. 

Services Provided by GST Consultants

1.      Registration Of GST

As per the new laws made by the Central government, GST registration can be done only through its online Portal. A qualified consultant makes the smooth completion of the process in little time. So GST Consultant saves the time and hassles the client’s full task.

2.      Amendments in Details of Taxpayer

Sometimes a GST Taxpayer requires changes in the details filed with the tax authorities like changes in address, name of the company, etc. In that case, a GST Consultant uses his expertise to make those alterations.

3.      Audits for GST

A business enterprise needs to make financial statements, maintain various records and books of accounts. It consumes a lot of time and energy.

But if you go to a GST Consultant, he/she will be responsible for conducting investigations of internal control, tests to see the match between the evidence and the amounts. And finally, the consultant will prepare a GST audit report.

4.      Evaluation Of GST

The taxpayer has to self-evaluate the exact amount of tax needed to be paid for a specific tax period and submit a return to the tax authorities. But the whole process can shift the business owner’s focus from earning maximum profits. So it is better to outsource such a job to GST Consultants.

5.      Filing Of GST Return

The taxable individual or business needs to file a GST return to the tax authorities in compliance with the GST statutory regulations. A qualified GST Consultant performs the duty of providing details about sales, purchase, tax paid, and collected through the process of filing GST returns. It helps to reduce tax evasion.

6.    Compliance with Rules and Regulations of GST

Under GST Compliance, various ratings are given to different businesses by the government. It is based on their ability to make timely payment of GST, furnish GST return, provide a report of input credits, and so on. GST Consultants enables you to reach the top rating by fulfilling the mentioned duties.

Not only that, GST Consultants will provide you with instant information about amendments in GST Compliances made by the government.

Here, the expertise and experience of MyTaxAdvisor prove to be a useful source to outsource numerous tasks related to Goods and Service Tax. We understand your business and provide you with the best possible advice for taxation.

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